Premier League football club.

A world-class experience for a world-class team

We partnered with one of the world’s top ten football clubs to create a world-class ecom experience that powered the most successful kit launch ever. The API-first architecture handles personalisation as skillfully as it does high traffic.

What we did

  • Orders: +20%
  • Page speed: +53%
  • Bounce rate: -22%
  • Server costs: -50%


  • 6 orders a second (double the previous site)
  • 6,000 concurrent visits with no loss of performance
  • live stock information
  • 10 languages
  • shipping information for 170 countries
  • Auto-scaling
  • Single sign-on – for a consistent experience across the digital estate
  • E-vouchers

How we did it

From legacy to industry-leading in record time

The club's Magento 1 site was fast approaching its end of life. The ecom team quickly needed a replacement that would meet all technical requirements and reflect the best of the brand – far beyond what an out of the box package could handle. So we combined bespoke elements to create a new, more intuitive frontend experience across mobile, desktop and tablet.

A project this ambitious would usually take the best part of a year to complete. Thanks to a honed-over-a-decade process and our willingness to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, we turned it around significantly faster.

Close-up of a ball being kicked into the back of a goal net

Complex product customisation

Product customisation is an important part of any major sports club’s merchandising. But a single shirt listing can feature tens of variables with strict limits on which can be combined –  that's not something an out-of-the-box solution can handle. So customisation has traditionally been difficult for clubs to offer online.

We unlocked this latent potential by building an entire customisation system – a  React app that offers Moonpig levels of flexibility but with complex product data. As with any successful interface, this complexity is entirely hidden from fans, who can order their product exactly as they want it in seconds.

New admin panel. Lower admin costs.

This club's ecommerce team was missing out on sales and promotional opportunities because the old site's admin workflows made it impossible to react quickly enough. Recognising the difference more agility would make to club and fans, we took the radical step of creating a custom headless admin that allows the club to both bring end-to-end ecommerce processes back in-house and to launch entire product ranges in minutes.

The DB view

“It’s been a privilege to represent this prestigious club and to deliver an unmatched shopping experience to its millions of fans.”

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